Things that move around us, things that move towards us, things that move below us

Performances uttering distances between body, astronomic, geologic and atmospheric events.

Things that move… explores an ensemble of performative, coalescing, embodied and empirical instruments in a laboratory of earthly, astronomical and atmospheric situations. The instruments and their subsequent ‘data’ suggest an alternative to the predominantly technocratic responses to current global climate instability; seeking alternative sitings of this knowledge of the ‘earth’, away from the authoritative expert, in ways that induce participatory and shared open experiences. Things that move… will explore the possibility of these shared experiences by producing feedbacks between the events and the body.

Things that move… comprises two events to be staged during Assembly. These will be located across and between two sites: the level 10 rooftop of the Design Hub, and the courtyard behind the VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery.

> EVENT 1: sun viewing (telescope) > site: VCA campus, Lionel’s courtyard > time: Sat 10 Oct 1-2pm
> EVENT 2: measuring arc of the earth between the Design Hub and Margaret Lawrence Gallery VCA, and walking the arc (gnomon, callipers) > site: measuring at both sites followed by a walk from RMIT Gallery to Margaret Lawrence Gallery VCA > time: departing RMIT Gallery, Sun 11 Oct 9.30am > Duration: 1.5hrs