Unfamiliar Destinations

A performance score/workshop about moving along paths different to our habitual ones.

Unfamiliar Destinations is the middle of a series of three performance scores/workshops – Unfamiliar Friendships, about meeting people different to us, Unfamiliar Destinations, about moving along paths different to our habitual ones, and Unfamiliar Feelings, about relating, living and loving in ways different to our own habitual ones – that aim to investigate the anxiety provoked by meeting new people, taking new paths, or trying new things.

In Unfamiliar Destinations, a workshop process, with a participant group in a space with realia/symbolic resources, provides a mixed group with an opportunity to improvise textual, visual and/or movement responses to the idea of a difficult journey, and find different paths to overcome difficulty in a journey. Operating metonymically, the workshop process allows a single small-scale incident or episode to stand in for a much wider range of difficult journeys, for a wide range of different individuals, with different identity positions, and different barriers to mobility. The score has previously been presented at Disability/Culture: New Grounds 2015 practice-led research symposium, University of Michigan.