SETTING FOR RESETTING (installing gaps)

A sculptural overlay punctuating motion pathways built into the interiors of cultural institutions.

SETTING FOR RESETTING (installing gaps) uses a process of sculptural overlay to investigate the performative forces already operating within built architecture. Up to 120 adjoining laminate flooring lengths are installed in temporary, reconfigurable constellations that overlay the interior spaces of public buildings. This procedure is a means for analysing, disclosing, and redistributing architectural scores for organising movement, attention and visibility within sites. The project can also be considered a sculptural choreography: a situation that prompts an attentiveness to the shifting relationship between oneself and one’s present surroundings.

For Performing Mobilities, SETTING FOR RESETTING (installing gaps) focuses on buildings designed for the presentation and exchange of art and knowledge. Manifesting over the symposium’s 4-day structure, the project shifts between multiple concurrent Performing Mobilities sites including Design Hub, RMIT University and Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts.  

SETTING FOR RESETTING (installing gaps) is informed by Performing Mobilities’ programme structure and developed in consultation with the Performing Mobilities Organising Team and curators.

  • Setting for Resetting, Performing Mobilities, 2015.

  • Setting for Resetting, Performing Mobilities, 2015.