A silent, creative practice research situation

No need to speak. An embodied, emergent situation is in flux. A silent seminar. Welcome. Creative practice researchers gathering. Limited scholarships at the door. Enter a pavilion on a building roof. Make a shelter precarious and weak and exposing.  A hearth for uncertainty.

An affect.

A condition for creative research process at its most ill-formed. A shelter where anything, everything, nothing is possible. A boat. A gesture. All these circles. Discs. Discourses. Solids. Sound waves. The research is in the pavilion, sorry, it has left the pavilion.

If nothing is happening, what is happening? Night dances. Anything? Try it on. Trust. What? My organs? Your muscles? My ancestors? Your sources? Bring your research with you, or leave it outside, or give it away. Are you feeling for research questions? Relax doesn’t mean collapse. Suspension of disbelief?  Pre-critique? Research community as cult. Sorry, occult.

Really? Oh that world cafe thing, the coffee breaks being more fruitful exchange than the formal sessions.

Tim calls it ‘togethering’. Some context please. Make it up as you go, poesis, you know. How does a peer group come into being? People make it but what affords it? How to touch differences? How to be a part of it without being ‘in’ it? Who is this? I, We, You, Me, Us, Them? Yeah, reflexive about it. (But isn’t that getting a little tired?) Does she believe that?

Kindly transmit the new knowledge. Dead wood. Thorns. Rain. A large ball of string. Feel it? Get it? Critique it? Get a job out of it? What, micro-performing movements of people amongst the arts and the academy? Give it time (like there’s no tomorrow). A thread to navigate.

Ok, picking on things. (Mmmm, picking it up?)

  • Disc-course, Performing Mobilities, 2015.

  • Disc-course, Performing Mobilities, 2015.

  • Disc-course, Performing Mobilities, 2015.

  • Disc-course, Performing Mobilities, 2015.