Walking Upstream: Wandering Edgars Creek

A wander up Edgars Creek in Coburg North with Karina Quinn.

The visiting WOTI (Waterways of the Illawarra) team from NSW will be hosted by creek enthusiast Karina Quinn for a meander up her local waterway. You are  invited to join us on this exploration of a slender riparian corridor, as we wend our way through diverse land-uses including residential suburbs, recreational amenities and industrial facilities. Wandering Edgars Creek is also a way of inaugurating the International Creek Walking Network (ICWaN), which promotes perambulation as a practice of inhabiting these oft-contested waterways.

Walking Upstream is a collaboration between Brogan Bunt, Kim Williams and Lucas Ihlein, all artists and walkers living near Wollongong NSW. Our current project is Waterways of the Illawarra (WOTI) – an ongoing series of creek walks in the region surrounding Wollongong between the Tasman Sea and the Illawarra Escarpment.