Shelley Lasica

Shelley Lasica is an Australian choreographer and dancer whose practice is characterized by cross-disciplinary collaborations and an interest in the presentation of dance in various spatial contexts.

The prolific and vast repertoire of Lasica’s choreographic works and installations spans 30 years and
includes Melbourne Festival, National Gallery of Victoria, Centre Nationale de la Danse (Pantin, Paris);
Siobhan Davies Studios (London), Dance Massive and Anna Schwartz Gallery.

Her career illustrates an enduring interest in thinking about dance and movement and the many contexts in which they occur. She is concerned with what dance means to people, how it functions and how it can be used to shape our experience of the world. Major themes explored in her work are the interaction between spoken, written and movement language, loss of memory and senses, coincidence and the subject of space.

Lasica is highly recognised as a mentor and creative agent facilitating the development of successful choreographers and dancers.

Recent works and collaborations include Represent (2013 - ), with Tony Clark, a performance with scenery at Galerie Seippel, Cologne, Murray White Room, Melbourne, domestic space in Sicily, Italy and in the
Arboretum, Canberra. Two works were selected as part of Melbourne Now (2014): and exhibition piece, Inside Vianne Again (2014), with artists Helen Grogan and Anne-Marie May, and the performance, As We Make It.

Lasica has also been working with Bridie Lunney in her work in Melbourne Now, The Melbourne Art Fair, the Substation Prize and Artspace. At MPavilion as part of the MMeets series, she undertook a series of
improvised performances with Nathan Gray, once a month at 8 am. She appeared in Alicia Frankovic’s work, Defending Plural Experiences, at ACCA, and a work with Katie Lee, The Possibility of Performance, in Object as Score, curated by Nathan Gray.

Lasica was awarded the 2014 ANAT / Synapse Residency with the Centre for Eye Research, University of Melbourne, where she worked with participants at the junction between choreography and
scientific enquiry in the realm of proprioception.

A new work, SOLOS FOR OTHER PEOPLE  for 10 dancers also working with Anne-Marie May on miss-en-scène, Belinda Hellier on costume and Milo Kossowski on sound was premiered at Dance Massive 2015, presented in the basketball gymnasium at the Carlton Baths, Melbourne.

A satellite performance of SOLOS FOR OTHER PEOPLE will be presented in Istanbul and REPRESENT with Tony Clark in Berlin in September. An exhibition, HOW CHOREOGRAPHY WORKS in collaboration with Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd will be shown at Westspace during October.

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The elision between place and a person. This project part of the ASSEMBLY symposium event Program