Mark Harvey

Mark Harvey (Auckland, Aotearoa), is an artist focusing on performance art and has presented work extensively in Western Europe in the last 9 years, America, parts of Asia and Australia. For instance, he was selected for the Venice Biennale for Visual Arts in 2013 in the Maldives Pavilion (and transferred to the Collateral Exhibition the Maldives Exodus Caravan Show exhibition as part of the Museum of Everything, due to the Maldives military dictatorship). In 2014 Harvey presented at the New Performance Turku festival (Finland) and at Hitparaden performance series in Copenhagen. He has presented at the Trendheim Kunstmuseum (Norway, 2012), the New Zealand Festival of the Arts with City Gallery and Letting Space (2012), and a range of other New Zealand contemporary art galleries such as Te Tuhi, Govett Brewster, Physicsroom, Enjoy and Blue Oyster. He presented at Ramp Gallery (Waikato) in 2014 in collaboration with longstanding New Zealand/Australian artist Jim Allan, and curators Marcus Williams (of Circuit) and Kim Paton. Harvey has published in a range of publications including Performance Research (UK), The South Project (Melbourne), and the Live Art Almanac (UK). He holds a PhD in performance art practice (AUT Art and Design School, Auckland) and is a Senior Lecturer at NICAI, The University of Auckland.

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