Jondi Keane & Kaya Barry

Jondi Keane is an arts practitioner, critical thinker, Senior Lecturer and Associate Head of School (Technology and Environments) at Deakin University. Over more than three decades he has exhibited, performed and published in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia ( He has published in range of interdisciplinary journals including Ecological Psychology, Janus Head, Interfaces, and Studies in Material Thinking. Upcoming creative works include Technics and Touch, a procedural drawing exhibition with robots. His research interests are focused through contemporary art practices, collaboration, experimental architecture and enactive theories of cognition.

Kaya Barry is a new media installation artist and researcher, based in Melbourne. She has just completed a practice-led PhD at Deakin University on creative processes engaged during travel within Iceland and Nepal. Her creative works explore site-specific experiences during travel, spatial boundaries and mobilities. Kaya has exhibited within Australia, Iceland, Denmark and online, and teaches at Griffith University in new media theory and practice.

Artist website:

PAN & ZOOM (presentation)

The performative power of image-making and image-viewing This project part of the ASSEMBLY symposium event Program


An interactive performance installation of expanded image-making and viewing. This project part of the TRACES gallery exposition Program