Kate Church

Kate Church is a lecturer in the Landscape Architecture program at RMIT and coordinates the program’s Communications stream.
Kate’s research borrows from live performance, literature and film to foreground open structures register  the performative materiality of the land. She is a PhD candidate in the Performative Creative Practice stream, a member of Urban Interior, an interdisciplinary research group and Performance Lab (PfLab). 
Her research situates the landscape as inherently performative - temporally intermediate, in-between states, unfinished and unfinishable. In this context, Landscape Architecture is understood as an architecture of flows, engaging with matter in motion and experienced by the moving body. This mobility predicates the landscape as a condition which is always about to change – and which may therefore be characterized as imminent.
Her published work appears in Kerb Journal, New American Notes Online, Landscape Architecture Australia, Exposure/00: Design Research in Landscape Architecture (2012) and Urban Interior: Informal Explorations, Interventions and Occupations (2011). Her work has been included in State of Design Festivals, and has been exhibited at Guilford Lane Gallery and Field 36 Gallery.

Plotting and gleaning a restless site

A landscape protagonist, a (mostly) self-guided tour, a collection. This project part of the ASSEMBLY symposium event Program