Shaun McLeod, Peter Fraser, Olivia Millard, Sophia Cowen, Victor Renolds

About Now is a collection of performers/performance makers who share an interest in creating in the present. The members of About Now, Sophia Cowen, Peter Fraser, Shaun McLeod, Olivia Millard and Victor Renolds have collectively and individually participated in/been influenced by/been a part of/made work in, dance, music, installation, improvisation, multi media, performance and experimental situations including: Min Tanaka’s Body Weather; Dance Works, Melbourne; Dale Gorfinkel, Rosalind Crisp; 2 Dance Plus, Perth; Australian Dance Theatre, Adelaide; Sue Peacock; Tim Darbyshire; Asia Young Choreographers Project, Taiwan; DeQuinceyCo; Peter Sellars (Salzburg Festival); WAAPA, Perth; One Extra Company, Sydney; Paul Gazzola; EPA (Environmental Performance Authority.

Sophia, Peter and Olivia (alongside Jason Marchant) worked together on Shaun McLeod’s Authentic Movement project for his PhD from 2010-2014. This long-term collective project crystallised a set of working methods in which members of the group are able to pursue their individual performance interests while simultaneously taking part in collective real-time creation. About Now has recently been joined by Victor Renolds, sound and multimedia artist.

Members of About Now hold or are undertaking BA, (Honours) MA, PhD from institutions including Deakin University, Monash University, University of Melbourne (VCA), Victoria University, LaTrobe University. Members of the group are also employed by these universities in various capacities.


Performing the city through embodied experiences of responsive noticing. This project part of the PASSAGES mobile performance Program